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Today's competitive mortgage banking environment is no place for beginners. Shareholders demand that foreclosed assets convert quickly back into working capital. The hold time expenses and lost opportunity costs associated with non-performing assets can erode a company's bottom line. REO Real Estate Asset Services was created to help reduce those costs and increase your company's profitability.

REO Real Estate provides first class service in the industry of REO disposition while returning value to our clients. REO Real Estate manages the REO business for maximum productivity. We aggresively monitor internal operations on a file-by-file basis and with statistical gauges without losing site of the portfolio performance. Not only do we know how many days we take to evict, obtain values, list, market, contract, and close an REO, but we back our numbers up with this commitment: our staff members are dedicated to keeping our time frames the lowest in the industry. The entrepreneurial spirit that created our company drives us out in front of the competition.

Results and productivity will sell our success but REO Real Estate Asset Services also promotes its services with one of the lowest management fees in the industry. If price and service sitll aren't enough, we offer something else. REO Real Estate may be interested in purchasing your portfolio of non-performing assets. REO Real Estate Asset Services is ready to accept your challenge.

If you are seeking an REO servicer to sell your non-performing real estate assets, and you want your company to utilize an industry leader, please give us a call. We will provide you with a sample of our services by providing REO disposition at no charge for a sample of your assets. Phil Chernitzer, Principal Broker can be reached at 703-858-1126.



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